How to Become a Whistleblower

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Are you surrounded by corporate corruption and fraud? Do you want to expose this misconduct? You’re not the only one. Each year, thousands of people ask themselves if they should take action against wrong-doing in their companies. Making the decision to blow the whistle on your company or another person can be a difficult and stressful. Here are a few tips on how to be a whistleblower.

Do your research

Does the company you are blowing the whistle on have a whistleblower program or policy? If so, it is important do exactly as the policy says to avoid charges brought upon you. If not, establish a person or agency that will be most interested in the information you supply them. You can report misconduct to whistleblower lawyers, watchdog agencies, and if you aren’t getting the necessary attention, you can report issues to the media.

Will you protect your identity?

The most common fear for whistleblowers is employer retribution and though there are laws to protect whistleblowers, whistleblowers still report unfair treatment from bosses, co-worker and future employers. Remaining anonymous will protect you for a while.

Prepare to be challenged

Make sure you are supported with concrete information in case you need to defend your position. Most whistleblower cases involve years of investigation; keep track of all records.

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