Whistleblower Protection and Safety

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Since the beginning of time there have been whistleblowers. The trend of whistleblowing has not escaped employees in the corporate world. Therefore, in recent history different organizations have begun to provide whistleblower protection.

What is this whistleblowers protection, you might ask?

Previously a whistleblower had to worry that doing the right thing would cost them their job. There was no set of whistleblower statutes or rights for someone who could not sit by and watch their company commit wrongdoings that broke the law.

If they could not be protected they might now bring these issues to light. In light of this the U.S. Government established the Whistleblowers Protection Act. This protects the whistleblower in many areas, none more important than in the event of whistleblower retaliation which is incredibly common. In cases where whistleblower retaliation is found the whistleblower protection provides assistance to those who cannot otherwise defend themselves.

It is important for any employee to understand the whistleblower statutes that apply in a case of suspicion against their employer. These vary depending on the type of employment or area of work such as: corporate, federal, army. Depending on these different areas the whistleblower statue might dictate who the employee can talk to about the issue. In federal or army cases where top secret being revealed is problematic the whistleblowers protection and rights might be waived if they talk to someone not cleared for that information.

Different countries have different laws that apply to whistleblower rights and protection.

In the U.K. they have provided a legal framework for whistleblower protection to help expose issues of malpractice and other similar issues that face the common worker.

Interestingly, in Canada they have been fairly behind on whistleblower protection. Not until fairly recently have they set up legal precedent in defending someone from whistleblower retaliation, in the business or governmental realm. They passed some whistleblower protection but it has gone through much scrutiny and it is still unclear what will happen.

Whistleblower protection is crucial in society. For someone wanting to do the right thing whistleblower retaliation should not be a fear that prevents them from acting. The discussion for whistleblower rights should continue and evolve until sides, employer and employee, feel comfortable and within the law.

Whistleblower Protection and Safety