Protection for Whistleblowers

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Whistleblowers are key components of our society and in recent years the role of the whistleblower has begun to play an increasingly more important role in the corporate world due to the improvements in U.S whistleblower protection law and organizations that provide corporate whistleblower protection. Nowadays there are numerous forms of corporate whistleblower protection and opportunities for individuals to discuss the consequences of whistleblowing with experienced attorneys at a whistleblower law firm.

Whistleblower Protection

Before improvements were made to whistleblower protection law there were no set whistleblower statutes so individuals who wanted to blow the whistle would have to face the unfavourable consequences of whistleblowing, which usually included loss of job and in many cases discrimination.

In order to protect whistleblowers and encourage more individuals to disclose information of wrongdoing or illegal activity in the workplace the U.S government introduced the Whistleblowers Protection Act which protects the whistleblower in a number of areas. This act particularly protects whistleblowers from retaliation as there is a whistleblower protection law that states that assistance will be provided to any whistleblower that cannot defend his or herself.

Corporate Whistleblower Protection

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 deals with corporate governance and provides significant corporate whistleblowing protection. This act contains diverse civil, criminal and administrative provisions which contribute towards making this statute an extremely important whistleblower protection law. Unlike other whistleblowers laws the Sarbanne Oxley Act provides provisions that are not limited to providing a remedy for wrongfully discharged employees. This act contains another four provisions designed to provide corporate whistleblower protection. These provisions include audit committees, new ethical standards for attorneys who practice before the SEC, amendments to the federal obstruction of justice statute and also grants jurisdiction to the SEC to enforce all aspects of the act; including various whistleblower provisions. These provisions make the Sarbanne Oxley Act a unique federal framework which enforces comprehensive corporate whistleblower protection.

Whistleblower protection laws are an important part of today’s society as they allow individuals to do the right thing without having to fear the consequences of whistleblowing. If you know someone that is involved in corporate fraud or wrongdoing in the workplace but are unsure about blowing the whistle, then an experienced attorney at our personal injury law firm can offer their legal help. Please fill out an online form and find out more about the consequences of filing suit, your legal rights and corporate whistleblower protection.