Whistleblower Cases Are Filed for Many Types of Fraud

It is important to contact a qualified Whistleblower lawyer to evaluate your possible Qui Tam lawsuit. We all have some understanding of the nature of fraud. When a person deliberately uses a misrepresentation or other deceitful means to obtain something to which he or she is not otherwise entitled, that person has committed fraud. However, under the False Claims Act, fraud has a much wider and more inclusive meaning. Our Whistleblower lawsuit lawyers can help you determine if you have knowledge of an illegal act that meets the definition of fraud under the False Claims Act.

Definition of Fraud Under the False Claims Act

Under the False Claims Act, the defendant need not have actually known that the false claim it provided to the government was fraudulent. It is sufficient that the defendant supplied the information to the government either: (i) in “deliberate ignorance” of the truth or falsity of the information; or (ii) in “reckless disregard” of the truth or falsity of the information. Thus, if a defendant should have known that its representations to the government were not true or accurate, but did not bother to check, such recklessness may constitute a violation of the False Claims Act. Likewise, if a defendant deliberately ignores information which may reveal the falsity of the information submitted to the government, such “deliberate ignorance” may constitute a violation of the Act.

The Act also permits recovery from those who “cause” misrepresentations to be made to the federal government by others. In other words, a person may violate the law even if he or she does not actually submit the false information to the government, but instead creates or provides false information that is then submitted to the government by another. If you are unsure if an act of wrongdoing falls under the parameters of the False Claims Act, please contact our Whistleblower lawsuit lawyers immediately.

Fraud Covered Under the False Claims Act

The False Claims Act covers a number of areas where the government could be easily defrauded. While it is impossible to list them all here, we have listed some of the more common areas. If you are aware of wrongdoing involving an area not listed here, contact one of our Whistleblower lawyers to see if it might be covered under by the False Claims Act.

  • Healthcare, Medicare and Medicaid Fraud: Healthcare fraud is one of the most common types of fraud that is covered by the False Claims Act. Healthcare cases can involve various activities, such as: falsely certified medical necessity determinations; physician identifier numbers being misused to bill Medicare or Medicaid; mischarging Medicare or Medicaid for the cost of experimental devices; mislabeling unapproved medical devices in order to obtain Medicare or Medicaid reimbursement; or billing for tests not performed.
  • Contractor Fraud: Government contracts are normally rewarded through a sealed-bid process. But some contractors use illegal means, such as kickbacks or bribes, to win contracts.
  • Defense Industry Fraud: Whistleblower lawsuits have been filed against defense contractors who supply faulty equipment, weaponry and weapon systems to the armed forces.
  • Environmental Fraud: Extracting resources, such as oil, timber, and minerals from public lands without paying for that right.
  • Grant Fraud: Misuse of grant funds and making false statements in grant applications to obtain funding.
  • Mischarging: Billing for goods or services that were never delivered or rendered. For example, charging employee labor to a government contract even though the employee did not work on the contract, or making claims to the government for medical services that were not rendered.
  • False Negotiating & Defective Pricing: Involve submission of false cost and pricing data to the government during the negotiation of a contract in order to obtain an inflated contract price.
  • Product and Service Substitution: Providing an inferior product and then falsely certifying that the product met specifications or that reliability testing was performed.

The Whistleblower lawsuit lawyers at our firm have experience with Qui Tam lawsuits in many of the areas listed above. If you have knowledge of wrongdoing that falls into any of these categories, our Whistleblower lawsuit lawyers will use this experience to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

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