NC Public Safety Official Files Whistleblower Lawsuit after being Fired

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A man who was fired from his job as a state prison health-care employee has filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the N.C. Department of Public Safety and its former deputy secretary, News Observer reports. The suit was filed on Wednesday in Wake County Superior Court. The man filing the suit was deputy secretary and general counsel until March.

The whistleblower alleges that he found out about the theft or misuse of state property involving State Health Plan funds at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem. He claims that he when he tried to report this, the deputy secretary retaliated against him. According to News Observer, he was told by Public Safety officials to leave the matter alone on his work time because it was unrelated to his current joc. His attorney, however, says that state law mandates him to pursue the regardless of whether or not it was in his department.

The man who filed the lawsuit has cited examples of wasteful spending and lax oversight over the years, saving the state millions of dollars. Because of his efforts, state law was changed; protection has been extended to anyone alleging wrongdoing involving the State Health Plan.

Under the Whistleblower Act, employees who are aware of wrongdoing can file a lawsuit on behalf of the government. They are entitled to a percentage of the amount recovered if their case moves forward.